It’s time for the 4th Annual Steins Homebrew Competition! This year our restaurant is celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary and as such, the theme of this year’s competition is, “The Fifth Ingredient”. Brew a beer to any style of the BJCP guideline using the 4 traditional ingredients of beer and one non-reinheitsgebot ingredient (something in addition to the yeast, malt, hops and water). This 5th ingredient is entirely up to you. We will follow the traditional BCJP judging practices, and to assist our judges please specify the extra ingredient on your entry form. The winner of the Best in Show round will win a hosted cocktail party for 10 people at either of our Steins locations with the opportunity to serve your beer for the party (pending applicable ABC conditions and requirements). Here are the details:

  • Only one beer per applicant.
  • Judging will take place on Saturday, March 24 @ Steins Beer Garden Mountain View. See Schedule below for more details.
  • All entries must be received by 2pm, Thursday March 22.
  • We will accept entries between the hours of 11am – 2pm from Friday March 16 to Thursday March 22 at the Mountain View restaurant (895 Villa St, Mountain View, Ca). Inform the host that you are there to drop off beer for the contest and you will be given the required paperwork.
  • For any beer that cannot be dropped off during designated times and dates, separate plans must be made with Steins Beer Garden beforehand.
  • Entries will be capped at 75, so we may stop accepting beer before the scheduled end time.
  • Beers must be brewed in a home setting, no commercial or brewed on-site beers will be allowed.
  • The beer must have been brewed by the person entering it. Team beers are acceptable, but the entrant must have been an active participant in the brewing process.
  • This contest is for beer only. No meads, ciders or wines.
  • Two bottles per entry.
  • Each bottle cannot have markings or printed labels.
  • We prefer 12 ounce brown bottles with unmarked caps. Printed caps should be blacked out with marker.
  • To keep this manageable for our judges, we are limiting the entries to 75. Therefore, once we hit the cut off, no additional entries will be accepted.
  • Beer entries must be made to one of the BJCP style categories, with the exception of your “Fifth Ingredient”. We recommend a style that accentuates your “Fifth Ingredient”, but all styles of beer will be acceptable.



Judging will be in the small back private room at Steins Beer Garden MV on-site on March 24, 2018:
March 16-22, 2018:    11am – 2pm    Entry Drop Off
March 24, 2018:          12pm – 6pm   Beer Judging
March 31, 2018:          8pm               Winner Announced
March 31, 2018:          8:30pm          Score Sheet Pick-Up